Do you want to promote independent local journalism in Wichita?

The Wichita Beacon’s Community Advisory Board will play a critical role in advising the newsroom with a focus on improving our journalism, reaching underserved audiences and improving our public service to the community.

Community input is vital to our success. The advisory board will be made up of a representative group of volunteer members who live and work in the Wichita area.

Join the Board

Diverse Perspective: The Community Advisory Board represents a diverse set of backgrounds, perspectives and geographic areas around Wichita. 

Skills and Experience: Board members may possess a broad set of skills and experiences to support The Beacon team. We actively seek candidates who possess all levels of professional knowledge, lived experience or volunteer service in the following areas: education, housing, civic engagement, the environment, health care, economic development and labor. 

Analytical Ability: Board members are comfortable giving honest critical feedback to help The Beacon team. 

Mission Alignment: In service to The Beacon’s distinct focus on public service local journalism, Board members demonstrate value alignment and history of community involvement. 

Potential to Propel The Beacon Forward: Board members personally engage and leverage their networks to advance The Beacon forward. Capacity for financial contribution is not a deciding factor.

Team Mindset: To ensure productive and creative meetings, Board members thrive in a collaborative environment.