Corrections Policy: The Beacon is committed to accuracy in its reporting and welcomes information about errors or omissions that warrant correction or clarification. Email

Corrections in Beacon stories will be added to the top of the original story post with the date for transparency. Additionally, stories with corrections will have the story text updated with corrected information. We should describe the nature of the correction, but not re-state the misinformation.

When we publish erroneous information on social networks, we should correct it on that platform. When we publish erroneous information in email newsletters, we should correct it on that platform.

When we know our original story was republished by media partners, we should contact them with the correction and updated information.

We do not attribute blame to individual reporters or editors (e.g. “because of a reporting error” or “because of an editing error”). But we may note that an error was the result of a production problem or because incorrect information came to us from a trusted source (wire services, individuals quoted, etc.).


Corrections: If we are substantively correcting an article, photo caption, headline, graphic, video or other material, we should promptly publish a correction explaining the change.

Clarification: When our journalism is factually correct but the language we used to explain those facts is not as clear or detailed as it should be, the language should be rewritten and a clarification added to the story. A clarification can also be used to note that we initially failed to seek a comment or response that has since been added to the story or that new reporting has shifted our account of an event.