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Kansans reject ‘Value Them Both’ amendment that would have stripped state constitution of abortion rights

Kansas voters showed up in record numbers in the triple-digit heat Tuesday to reject a constitutional amendment that would have stripped the state’s constitution of abortion rights, maintaining the state Supreme Court’s decision that abortion is a fundamental constitutional right. The vote is the first in the country since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe…

Who sent misleading texts to Kansas voters ahead of Tuesday’s primary?

Voters across Kansas received text messages on the eve of the 2022 primary misrepresenting what a “yes” vote on the state’s contentious abortion amendment would mean.  But unlike the campaign messaging most voters are used to — and as is often required on campaign messages — the source of the message was not identified in…

Follow the money: Who is funding Kansas abortion amendment ads?

It’s been hard to avoid: yard signs, robocalls, postcards in the mail, Facebook ads and commercials on TV and YouTube. All admonishing Kansans to vote on Aug. 2 on the Kansas abortion amendment that would add language to state’s constitution to take away a state constitutional right to an abortion. The amendment was placed on…