The Beacon is looking for Wichita residents with deep ties to the community and other Midwest journalists to help us reimagine local media.

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We’re committed to building an equitable and inclusive organization that represents the people and communities we serve. We encourage members of traditionally underrepresented communities, including women, people of color, veterans, LGBTQ people and people with disabilities, to apply for journalism jobs at The Wichita Beacon. 

Community Representatives

The Wichita Beacon wants to learn how people in Wichita get the news and information they need. We’re hiring Community Representatives to help us as members of our Community Engagement Bureau, a new initiative to design a creative way to deliver news to underserved communities. This is a paid opportunity.

Read the full job description here. Apply here.

Freelance writers and photographers

Opportunity: We’re seeking freelance journalists to pitch us stories for publication in The Wichita Beacon. We’re interested in stories that impact audiences in South Central Kansas, and that fall under the general categories of government, economics, education, health care, environment and civic engagement. We are not seeking commentary or opinion pieces. We are particularly interested in stories that are revelatory, data-driven, contextual and solutions-driven. All content is subject to editing and fact-checking prior to publication. Freelancers are not considered W2 eligible employees and are not eligible for benefits. Contracts will include a conflicts of interest statement and signing the SPJ Code of Ethics.

Apply here.