Poll worker helps voter during the 2023 Kansas primary election. In 2024, the county will spend more on polling sites but not mail-in ballots.
A poll worker assists a voter in casting his ballot in the Kansas August 2022 primary. The primary saw unusually high turnout due to a constitutional amendment on the ballot. (Photo by Fernando Salazar)

For voters interested in researching candidates, here are the competitive races that will appear on ballots in Sedgwick County on Nov. 8, with links to each candidate’s campaign website (if one exists) and Ballotpedia page. Which candidates will appear on your ballot depend on where you live. You can enter your address here to see which races will be on your ballot. Judicial and uncontested races are not listed here. Information about judicial races appears in separate stories about the Kansas Supreme Court justices and appellate court and district court judges.

Note: Incumbents in the position are marked with an asterisk (ex.: Will Smith*). Not all races have incumbents.

U.S. Senate

Each state is represented in Congress by two U.S. senators who serve six-year terms. One-third of all senators are up for reelection every two years. Senators take action on federal legislation, approve presidential nominations and ratify treaties. 

U.S. House, District 4

Kansas is represented by four U.S. representatives who serve two-year terms. Members of the House pass laws, serve as a representative assembly and oversee the administration of public policy by holding hearings. Any tax increases must originate in the House. 

Governor and lieutenant governor

The governor is the chief executive of state government, responsible for carrying out state laws and administering the state budget. Governors also have the power to enact or veto bills from the Legislature. The governor and lieutenant governor run as a team, elected every four years. 

Secretary of state

Elected statewide and serving a four-year term, the secretary of state oversees administration of elections within the state, maintains records relating to business and commerce, and produces the official publications of the state of Kansas. 

Attorney general

Elected statewide and serving a four-year term, the attorney general is considered the state’s chief legal officer and top law enforcement official, representing and advising state agencies and boards, promoting open government, protecting consumers from fraud and defending the state in civil proceedings. 

State treasurer

Elected statewide and serving a four-year term, the state treasurer acts as the chief financial officer, overseeing all money paid to the state treasury. This includes managaining the state budget and payroll, managing a postsecondary education savings program and maintaining a list of unclaimed property.

State insurance commissioner

Elected statewide and serving a four-year term, the insurance commissioner regulates all insurance sold in Kansas and oversees insurance companies and agents licensed to do business in the state. State law requires the insurance commissioner to be well-versed in the insurance business but not have any financial interests in any insurance company.

State representatives

The Kansas House of Representatives comprises  125 state lawmakers from districts of roughly equal population. Representatives are elected by voters in their own districts for two-year terms. House lawmakers create, amend or repeal state laws; appropriate money spent by the state government; review state regulations; propose amendments to the Kansas Constitution; and approve or disapprove any new amendments to the U.S. Constitution. 

District 82 

District 85

District 86

District 87

District 88

District 91

District 94

District 95

 District 100

District 103

District 105

Sedgwick County commissioner

Five commissioners serve on the Sedgwick County Commission, each elected to four-year terms. Three of five are currently up for reelection on the Kansas November ballot. Commissioners oversee county finances, including the levying of taxes and the annual budget, issuances of bonds and awarding of contracts. They also oversee zoning, maintenance of county roads and bridges, the county jail and district court and act as the local board of health.

District 1

District 4

District 5

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