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The city of Wichita offers two ways to help with water bills to keep water on in Wichita homes. (Canva image)

If you qualified for assistance for your energy bill this year, you may also qualify for $50 off your water bill in Wichita.  And if you didn’t but still need help, other options for water bill relief are also available. 

In Wichita someone’s water will be shut off, typically, after three months of nonpayment. This can be mitigated by setting up a payment plan. But if you can’t afford the plan, there are options. 

Right now, Wichitans can apply to receive a one-time payment of $50 to help toward their water utility bill. The Rate Relief Water Assistance Program from the city of Wichita will be available until the end of the year or until all funds for the program are depleted. The funds for this program are set aside in the Public Works and Utilities budget. 

To apply for the program, applicants must have an active city of Wichita residential water account in their name. This means if your water utility is paid through your landlord, you cannot apply for assistance. It also means that the person whose name appears on the water bill should be the one to apply and not a roommate. 

Applicants must have already applied and been accepted for Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) assistance through the state of Kansas to be eligible for the Rate Relief Water Assistance Program. If you want to check your eligibility you can call the Public Works and Utilities Office at 316-265-1300.

Applications for the Rate Relief Water Assistance Program can be found on the city of Wichita’s website. They can also be found and turned in at City Hall or the following Neighborhood Resource Centers: Atwater, Colvin and Evergreen. 

If you wish to mail the application, it can be sent to the Public Works and Utilities office at 455 N. Main, 8th Floor, Wichita, KS 67202​. 

How else can I get help with my water bill in Wichita?

Another option is the H2O Care Fund provided by the city of Wichita and Center of Hope. The fund is created by donations and is used to help pay for water utilities in and immediately around Wichita. 

This fund helps people whose:

  • Water service is shut off and the past due amount is greater than $150; 
  • Past due amount is less than $150 and their service is in danger of being shut off; or
  • Are experiencing a sudden emergency and are unable to pay their bill.

To get assistance from the fund, call Center of Hope at 316-267-0222. 

There are even more ways to get help paying a water bill. The following nonprofits in Wichita offer assistance through their own programs: 

All three provide assistance with housing and utility payments. Follow the links to learn more about each. 

How can I help people who need assistance paying their water bill?

To become a donor for the H2O Care Fund, there are two options: Add five dollars to every monthly water bill payment or round up to the nearest dollar amount. The money collected from the extra payments will be added to the fund to help families struggling to pay for water. 

To indicate your intention to donate, visit the city of Wichita’s website. 

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