Sedgwick County Election Office
The Kansas primary is Aug. 1, and voters have until July 11 to register. Voters may vote early by mail or in person. (Matt Hennie/The Beacon)

The primary election in Wichita is on Aug. 1, giving voters the opportunity to narrow the fields in races for mayor, City Council and school board.  Here’s who is running.

Because local elections are nonpartisan, any registered voter regardless of party affiliation may vote in the primary.  If you want to vote in this year’s primary, you have until July 11 to register for Wichita’s primary. Here’s how to do it.

Who can vote?

To vote in Kansas, you must be a United States citizen and Kansas resident who is 18 years old before the next election. You also need to register with your local elections office. The Sedgwick County election office is at 510 N. Main St. in Wichita. 

Under Kansas law, if you have a state or federal felony conviction, you must have completed your entire sentence, including any probation or parole, before you can re-register to vote.

How do I register for the Wichita primary?

To register, voters will need to fill out the voter registration application either online or using a paper form available at your county election office.

If you register using a paper form, you need to mail the form to your county election office or drop it off there. For Sedgwick County, mail or deliver the form to: 

Sedgwick County Election Office
510 N. Main St.
Wichita, KS 67203-3798

You can also register online with The site is not officially sanctioned by state election officials — it was built by Loud Light, an advocacy organization that encourages voter turnout among young people — but rather works as a kind of digital voter registration drive. 

The site forwards a voter’s registration information to their county’s election office, instead of a voter filing it directly. But some users may find the site easier to use than the secretary of state’s online voter registration system, and it currently provides the only fully online registration option for Spanish speakers. 

There are a few common mistakes that new voters should avoid: 

  • Not answering the two eligibility questions at the top of the form;
  • Not including identification numbers such as a Kansas driver’s license number or the last four digits of a Social Security number;
  • Forgetting to sign the application; and 
  • Forgetting to check the box to select a party affiliation. 

What if my current name doesn’t match the name on my photo ID?

If you have changed your legal name since you last updated your voter registration, you should submit a new voter registration form before July 11, if you plan to vote in the primary election. If you plan to vote in person, the name you use to register will be compared to the name you provide and the photo identification you will show when you vote.

How do I check my registration?

If you have already registered, you can check your voter registration online. You can review the registration information on file with the state, including your party affiliation, address, polling location, sample ballot and the political offices you can vote on.

If the information listed does not match what is on file, you have until July 11 to update your registration.  

When should I update my registration?

If you have moved or changed your name or wish to change your party affiliation, you should submit an updated voter registration form. 

If you are already registered to vote and you confirmed that your information is current, you do not need to re-register. 

What’s the deadline to register for the Wichita primary?

To vote in the Aug. 1 primary election, voters must register by July 11. 

Am I required to register with a political party?

No. The registration application each voter must fill out offers four options for party affiliation: Democratic, Republican, Libertarian or no party affiliation. 

What if I have a disability that requires assistance or accommodations?

You may register to vote entirely by mail or online if you are unable to make it to your local election office. You may also fill out the registration forms using assistance. You can also contact the local election office to apply to receive advance mail ballots.

If you have additional questions about specific accommodations in registering to vote, you can contact your local county elections office.

Sedgwick County election office:

Phone: 316-660-7100

¿Y si el inglés es mi segundo idioma?

El formulario de inscripción de votantes de Kansas está disponible en español aquí.

Puede enviar el formulario impreso por correo postal a su oficina electoral local del condado o llevarlo allí. Las direcciones de todas las oficinas del condado están enumeradas en la parte inferior del formulario. La oficina del secretario de estado también proporciona una guía de inscripción para votantes en español.

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