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A few steps to think about when submitting your story idea to The Beacon: Remember that we try to spend our time on stories that have the greatest and widest impact on our communities. And we focus on public policy. So the stories that relate most directly to public policy with implications for a large part of the community tend to be those we dispatch reporters to investigate.

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We strive to have information on the record with full attribution to the source. Exceptions to this policy are rare, made only with the approval of the editor-in-chief and when the information is critical to the story and can be obtained in no other way. Further, we must know the source to be reliable and to have access to the information. To the best of our ability, we identify and report any bias the source may have. Identities of anonymous sources are shared with the editor-in-chief.

Generally, we reserve anonymity for sources who may face danger, retribution or other harm and have information that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Whether tips are submitted anonymously or not, The Beacon takes responsibility for the accuracy of what we publish after our own reporting verifies the facts.