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Have something we should take a look at? Here’s how to contact us.

Have you seen something that troubles you or that you think should be a story? Do you have a tip we should be investigating? Do you have documents or other materials we should see?

It is most efficient to contact an individual reporter directly. Look at our staff list and read our bios to see what we’ve covered and how to get in touch.

You can also fill out our tip form (embedded below).

If Your Tip is Sensitive

If you wish for additional anonymity or security, send us postal mail without a return address. Authorities would need a warrant to intercept and open it in transit.

Our Postal Address

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The Wichita Beacon
721 E. Central Ave, Suite 211 Wichita, KS 67214

What We Look for in Tips

We read every tip you send, but we have to make choices about which ones we explore. To help us understand why your tip could be a story, please keep in mind:

  • Tell us why your story is an accountability story. Who is being harmed? What, exactly, is happening? How would we follow up?
  • If you think your story is part of a pattern, help us understand the larger context.
  • Include any evidence you have. That includes text messages, emails, documents, receipts, photos, reports and more.
  • If something is time sensitive, please note that in your tip.
  • Please be as specific and concise as you can.
  • Tips can range from story ideas to ‘smoking guns,’ to interesting data sets and more.

Anonymous Sources

We strive to have information on the record with full attribution to the source. Exceptions to this policy are rare, made only with the approval of the editor, and when the information is critical to the story and can be obtained in no other way. Further, we must know the source to be reliable and to have access to the information. To the best of our ability, we identify and report any bias the source may have. Identities of anonymous sources are shared with the editor. 

Generally, we reserve anonymity for sources who may face danger, retribution or other harm and have information that cannot be obtained elsewhere. When tips are submitted anonymously, The Beacon takes responsibility for the accuracy of information and verifies before releasing it.