Brandon Whipple and Lily Wu at their respective watch parties.
Brandon Whipple and Lily Wu were the top two candidates in the mayoral primary and will likely move on to the general election on Nov. 7. (Alex Unruh/The Wichita Beacon)

With the primary election results in, the candidate lineup for the 2023 general election in Wichita has taken shape. There will be 16 candidates total spread across seven races: Wichita mayor, City Council Districts 2, 4 and 5; and USD 259 school board Districts 3 and 4 as well as the at-large seat. 

To help voters research candidates ahead of the Nov. 7 general election, The Wichita Beacon has created this updated list of candidates, listing their campaign websites, their Ballotpedia entries and most recently filed campaign finance reports. 

City Council

The Wichita City Council has six members representing different parts of the city. Council Districts 2, 4, and 5 are up for election this year. Only residents of each district vote on that district’s representative.

The council is responsible for setting policy for city government, reviewing and approving the city’s budget, repealing or enacting city ordinances, levying taxes and appointing members to advisory boards and task forces. Council members are elected to four-year terms and may only serve for two terms. 

The only incumbent running is Becky Tuttle in District 2. Jeff Blubaugh of District 4 is finishing his second term and unable to run. Bryan Frye of District 5 ran for mayor.

Judy Pierce and Dalton Glasscock are the top two candidates in the race for City Council’s District 4 representative after the primary. 

These are the candidates running for City Council listed by district. City Council elections are nonpartisan. 

District 2

Marcey GregoryCampaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report
Becky TuttleCampaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report
Hatim Zeineddineno campaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report

District 4

Dalton GlasscockCampaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report
Judy Pierceno campaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report

District 5

Gary W. BondCampaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report
J.V. JohnstonCampaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report
Ben TaylorNo campaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report


The mayor is elected citywide to a four-year term and may only serve two terms. Brandon Whipple is seeking his second term. 

Eight candidates challenged him. After the primary, only Whipple and Lily Wu appear likely to advance. (Results are not final until the official canvassing of ballots on Aug. 10. Bryan Frye came just 398 votes behind Whipple, a gap that could change as final outstanding ballots are tallied.)

The mayor is considered head of the City Council and helps determine city policies. The six members of the council and the mayor have one vote each. The council together appoints a city manager who is responsible for city government’s day-to-day operations. 

These are the candidates advancing from the Aug. 1 primary. The mayoral race is nonpartisan. 

Brandon WhippleCampaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report
Lily WuCampaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report

School board

Most of Wichita is served by USD 259, known as Wichita Public Schools. The Wichita school board has seven members — six representing different parts of the city and one at-large member.

This year Districts 3 and 4 and the at-large seat are up for election. Due to a change approved by voters last November, only residents of a district may vote on that district’s representative. The at-large position is elected citywide. School board members serve four-year terms. There are no limits on how many terms they may serve. School board elections are nonpartisan. 

The only incumbent running is Stan Reeser in District 4.

The school board is responsible for approving the school district’s nearly $1 billion annual budget, approving funds to be spent, shaping school policy and supporting school programs. 

Melody McCray-Miller and Brent Davis were the top two candidates in the primary for the at-large seat, moving them forward to the general election. 

District 3

Ken CarpenterNo campaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report
Ngoc VuongCampaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report

District 4

Jason CarmichaelCampaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report
Stan ReeserCampaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report


Brent T. DavisCampaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report
Melody McCray-MillerCampaign websiteBallotpedia Campaign expense report

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